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SOLO Mini - Controllo remoto Bluetooth, 1 cancello, 2 utenti

78€ + IVA ( 99€ )
Disponibilità: In magazzino
Consegna prevista: 19 Luglio 2024
Solo Mini
  • Suitable for opening 1 gate, garage, barrier
  • It can handle 2 users
  • It works with batteries and does not require installation

We recommend: for family homes, small offices, shops.

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Garanzia del produttore
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78€ + IVA ( 99€ )
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The SOLO Mini 1 can be paired with a garage or gate radio device. It can be used with a maximum of 2 users (smartphones).
It can replace fixed-code and better-known jump-code remote controls between 433 MHz and 868 MHz using the AM and FM wavelengths.
The SOLO Mini device communicates with the smartphone via the Bluetooth LE 4.0 protocol, no internet connection is required for use.

Remote controls
The SOLO Mini device is compatible with hundreds of remote controls. No other device can replace so many remote controls.
Safe and encrypted use of the SOLO Mini is made possible by the 6-digit PIN code protection.
The PIN code is included in the package.
It is powered by 2 batteries, type C 1.5V.
The batteries are charged and ready to use in the package.

Battery life depends on usage, expressed in numbers as follows:
  Number of daily openings      General lifetime  
4 48 months
10 24 months
20 12 months

To replace the batteries, remove the cover of the SOLO Mini using the 4 screws on the back of the device.
SOLO Mini retains stored settings even when power is off.
Maximum load capacity: 3V @ 50mA.
An inadequate power supply can cause serious damage to the device!

The "1Control SOLO2" application can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple App Store or from the Play Store for Android smartphones.
The application can be used with the following systems:
- iPhone 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6Plus, 7, 7Plus with iOS 8 or later
- With Android 4.3 or higher and Bluetooth LE 4.0

Several SOLO MINI SOLO2 or SOLO EVO devices can be controlled simultaneously with one application.


The maximum distance between the SOLO Mini and the controlled device corresponds to the use of the radio remote control, which is normally 20-30 m.
The maximum distance between the SOLO MIni and the smartphone is 15-20 m, depending on the type of smartphone.


The SOLO Mini is resistant to environmental influences: it is waterproof, UV protected and works even in snow.

Package contents

1 SOLO Mini device
1 wall mount
1 mounting device (for mounting on a pipe)
2 wall anchors
2 fixing clamps
2 C1.5V alkaline batteries (charged)

Other details

Dimensions: 39 x 102 x 134 mm
Weight (including batteries): 350 g
EAN code: 8056772850000